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Uncle Ben's® Rice

The world's most flavorful meals begin with a tiny grain of rice. Which is why UNCLE BEN'S®, the number one rice brand in America, is proud to offer a wide range of rice dishes with flavors and textures that will help bring more to your meals, both for convenient side dishes and savory main courses. We offer consumers a wide variety of white, whole grain brown, and flavored rices with cook times ranging from 90 seconds to 30 minutes and we can be found in more than 100 countries worldwide. That's right. Chinese, Thai, Indian, Spanish, this tiny grain speaks them all.
UNCLE BEN'S® Brand products are manufactured by Mars Food US, part of Mars, Incorporated.

Visit www.unclebens.com or find them on Facebook.

Red Gold® Tomatoes

Red Gold premium quality tomato products have been made with pride and care by the same Midwestern family since 1942. The Red Gold Company family of consumer brands includes Red Gold®, Redpack® and Tuttorosso®. Red Gold, Redpack and Tuttorosso Brand Tomato Products are the perfect ingredients when preparing quick and delicious meals your whole family will love. Exceptional quality and operational excellence are the shared values that contributed to the employee-created mission statement: "To produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world."

Visit www.RedGold.com for recipes and special offers.

Original Louisiana Hot Sauce

Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, from Bruce Foods is the original cayenne pepper sauce of Louisiana, with an eighty year reputation for quality and perfection. Although Bruce Foods' Louisiana Hot Sauce was the first hot sauce to use the state's name, over the years the name Louisiana Hot Sauce has become a generic term requiring the creation of special markings to denote our Brand from its many imitators. The Brand now features the word "Original" in its name, along with the famous Red Dot on the label. What makes the Brand so special, besides being first, is the fact that it continues to use the time-honored techniques that distinguish Cajun cooking.

Visit Louisiana Hot Sauce at: www.louisianapepper.com/original-lahs.html

The shrimp council

The Shrimp Council's mission is to promote shrimp as a nutritious and delicious protein. Council members source sustainable shrimp from around the globe for Americans to enjoy at home and in restaurants.

Gourmet GardenTM

Making fresh herbs and spices easy for weekday meals is our passion. We know that fresh herbs make a big difference to the flavor and quality of a meal. But with all the goings-on during the week it's hard to find the time to buy or even prepare them.

Gourmet Garden herbs and spices are an ideal solution for busy cooks who don't want to lose out on flavor for their weekday meals. Our herbs are organically field-grown and are simply washed, chopped, blended and packed into tubes to maintain all their fresh taste and nutrition. These handy herbs in a tube keep their fresh taste for 3 months so there's no waste. Discover Gourmet Garden in varieties such as Garlic, Basil, Cilantro, Ginger and Chili Pepper, in the fresh produce section of your supermarket.

Visit Gourmet Garden at: www.gourmetgarden.com or find them on Facebook

Klondike PotatoesTM

Great care is taken to ensure that Klondike PotatoesTM are the highest quality potatoes on the market today. Each Klondike PotatoTM variety is rigorously tested before it ever makes it to the store shelf.

Visit Klondike at: www.klondikebrands.com/recipes or find them on Facebook

Pompeian Olive Oil

Established in Baltimore in 1906, Pompeian imports high quality oil in bulk, then blends and bottles it fresh daily here in the U.S., we're the only national brand olive oil producer to do so. Pompeian selects the season's best olive oils and then blends them to the same quality standards and consistent taste, year after year.

Pompeian OlivExtra® Premium is a perfect blend of two oils used in the Mediterranean diet-Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grapeseed oil-also combined with Canola oil. This unique blend provides essential Omega-3 and Omega-6, monounsaturated fat, and Vitamin E Antioxidant.

Visit Pompeian at: www.pompeian.com or find them on Facebook